In order for one to truly be able to understand the Holy Quran they must connect and associate themselves  to the prophetic narrations. Hence on the greatest purposes for studying the science of Hadith is that this religion is dependent on Hadith, because the Qur’an is concise and it is in need of explanation to make things clear, and that can only be accomplished by the Ahadith.


  • An in depth study of Imam Tirmidhi’s work on the characteristics of the Prophet ﷺ (Shamaail Tirmidhi)
  • A study of the classical work of Imam Nawawi RA (Al Arbeen).
  • Word by word translation of the Ahaadith
  • Understanding the intricate details of the Prophet’s ﷺ life
  • Reveiew Hadith Terminolgy
  • Gain a stronger love of the Prophet ﷺ