As Muslims, we all claim to have immense love for our beloved Prophet (SAW). However, sometimes we find it rather difficult to express our love for him in manners which reflects our true connection to him (SAW). As we study his life we naturally adapt the love and connection his habits, practices, and traditions. Thus, making it easier for us to express our love for him and understand the Quran that was revealed upon him.

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  • Pre-birth
  • Time with Haleema RA
  • Prophet’s Childhood
  • Prophet with Khadijah RA
  • Revelation
  • The calling
  • Abyssina
  • The year of Sorrow
  • The journey of Miraaj
  • The sacred journey of hijraa
  • The campaigns
  • Fatih Makaah
  • The final pilgrimage
  • Final moments